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Liposuction Machine

These Liposuction Machine are special cannulas in a range of 3 to 5 mm width of different lengths. The air through this machine provides movement for the lysis of adipose tissue to dilute the emulsified fat. Hemastomas, swelling and other types of side effects do not occur while using them. Tires are attached at the four ends of this machine to ensure their safe and easy movement. The pipes and handles are strongly fixed to them and do not show any sign of damage.

Added features:
  • It is very easy to handle them and also they are light in weight.
  • These machines follow a proper system  for the outlet of extracted fat.
  • Being compact in size, they do not occupy a large space.
  • A pressure indicator is adjusted at the front for keeping the pressure under check.
Airforce Liposuction Machine
Airforce Liposuction Machine
ALM 001

This Airforce Liposuction Machine can carry out the suction of fats in a swift manner. For working flawlessly, it requires optimum energy. The pressure and pumping speed can be easily adjusted by using the panel adjusted on its surface. It has a long and comfortably holding handle that helps in carrying of this machine at various places. Furthermore, the tires adjusted to this device ensure its safe and smooth carrying in any direction.

Additional features

  • Made of alloys, it is light in weight

  • Has capacious storing containers

  • Its pipes have high rigidity

Smart Lipovac Machine
Smart Lipovac Machine

Having an efficient suction capability, this Smart Lipovac Machine is able to extract out the fat in an effective way. Its pumps can undergo high speed pumping so that the fats are swiftly pumped. The panel at the front of this machine is used to adjust the pressure when the machine is working for a long time. The tires at its lower end ensure the safe movement of this lipovac machine in any direction. Being crafted out of best quality alloys, its surface is completely free from corrosion.

Application specific design

  • Has easy to operate working method

  • Does not require frequent servicing